Building communities to offer families a bright future

Building communities to o er families a bright future


Thrive exists to provide good quality a ordable homes and services enabling the development of communities where people enjoy living.

In response to Britain’s growing need for a ordable homes, we are spearheading a number of developments in the highly desirable Home Counties area where many young local people are priced out of the housing market.

As part of this commitment to building new homes, we are developing 48 properties at French’s Avenue in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The £6.7 million scheme is being built under a section 106 planning agreement to provide a ordable homes within a wider private development.


Residents have already moved in at 12 of the properties, with the remaining homes due to be completed by June 2017.

When nished, the scheme will provide 14 homes for a ordable rent and 34 for shared ownership – a mixture of three-
bedroom houses and one and two- bedroom ats – integrated with the larger development’s private sale properties.



Our first residents at French’s Avenue were thrilled to settle into their new homes in time for Christmas 2016.

“It’s going to be complete bliss having our own space as a family again. We’ve had to live separately for the last year – it’s been a nightmare as we have both been staying in tiny box rooms. We are very grateful to Thrive, this is the best Christmas present.”
Young parents Natalie and William Nicholson

“As soon as I walked in I thought ‘wow!’ The at is amazing, so spacious and lovely. It’s going to be great for me and my son to have our own rooms and play space. We’ve been living at my mum’s which has been very cramped as we have had no space for ourselves and our belongings. We are so pleased, Thrive has done us proud!”
Sophie Graur
“This is a great time to nally have mine and my daughter’s own space. We now have a lovely place for my daughter to have a room to herself and me to have a room to relax in the evening. The area is great and very close to town, the shops and our family and friends, as well as my daughter’s school.”
Jade Miles
“The at is massive compared to the one-bedroom apartment where I have been living with my daughter for ve years. It’s been very di cult living like that, so I’m very pleased to nally have our own bedrooms and space to grow within!”
Kayleigh Birch