Customer Experience Panel

The Customer Experience Panel provides a great platform for the customer perspective to influence Thrive’s services, helping ensure a good customer experience.

Thrive customer experience panel creates a direct link between residents and board

The group comprises eight tenants and leaseholders, two board members and an independent chair. Click here to meet the CEP members and learn a little more about them. 

It has been set up to look at customers’ experiences of the various services Thrive provides for residents and use this feedback to make recommendations to the board.

Independent Chair Andy Sage said: “We have put together a strong team of customers from a variety of backgrounds and careers, from a relatively new tenant to someone who has lived in their home for over 40 years.”

The panel has strengthened Thrive – we take residents’ experience of Thrive seriously and we will use the CEP’s recommendations to ensure customers continue to receive a fair deal. Find out more.