Mutual exchanges

Many tenants find they are able to move more quickly through a mutual exchange – by finding another tenant who wants to do a swap with them, rather than waiting for a suitable property to become empty.

Any tenant who has a Secure or Assured tenancy can apply for a mutual exchange, although occasionally there is a reason why we can’t agree to an exchange going ahead.

How can I find someone to exchange with?

Use the free HomeSwapper to advertise your home and search for matches. You can also advertise your home in local shops and free newspapers.

How does HomeSwapper work? 

People living in rented social housing across the UK can visit the HomeSwapper website to see if a Thrive tenant wants to do a swap with them. It’s free of charge and can be quicker than waiting for a property to become empty.

You advertise your home and search for suitable matches. HomeSwapper will keep you updated with any possible matches.

What happens when I have found someone to exchange with?

Make sure that both of you or all the exchange partners involved have all viewed each other’s properties and agreed to take on the properties in their current condition. If you are happy you will then need to complete a Mutual Exchange application form.

Is there any cost to me?

This mutual exchange must take place without any costs to Thrive Homes, i.e. removals, decorations or repairs. You take the property as viewed and only statutory health and safety repairs will be carried out. A gas and electrical check will be carried out following approval for exchange, and  you may be charged for. Ensure you check the type of tenancy that comes with the property. Your rent account must be up to date prior to Thrive Homes considering  approving  an exchange

Call us on 0800 917 6077 or click here for contact information. After receiving your completed form, we will make a decision within six weeks, however your rent account must be clear before we will process your application.

If we are satisfied that the incoming tenant is suitable for your property we will carry out a pre-void inspection. An agreement will be signed to say that you are willing to accept each other’s properties in the current condition.

If the property you want to swap to belongs to another landlord we will send a report about your tenancy, and will ask for a report back on the other tenant.

If agreed, you will need to ensure you have a clear rent account or have no outstanding debts to Thrive Homes. We will then arrange for you to come into the offices to sign the Deed of Assignment.  A copy of the assignment will be sent by post to you within ten working days.