Thrive receives Silver CO2 Award for reducing fleet emissions

Thrive Homes has been certified Silver by Masternaut for beating their benchmark by 3.13% in 2018.

By monitoring the performance of our vehicles and providing education on considerate driving behaviours, Thrive Home Services (THS) team have actively reduced emissions.

As part of Masternaut’s CO2 Certification programme, 230,000 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year by Masternaut customers. This is equivalent to 87,800,000 litres of fuel and a saving of approximately £113,262,000. Using telematics to measure our impact, and implement more environmentally considerate driving styles, we’re proud to have contributed to these impressive savings.

“At Thrive Homes we are conscious of our environmental impact and focus on being a greener operator. Masternaut’s Certification serves as a recognition of all the hard work we have been doing to improve the efficiency of our fleet and to lower carbon emissions.” – Emma Murphy, Assistant Director – Property, Thrive Homes.

Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 Certification has been independently verified by the Energy Saving Trust, a UK-based organisation with a mission to help people save energy every day: The Energy Saving Trust has conducted a limited assurance verification of Masternaut’s
Fleet CO 2 Certification methodology and can give assurance on its accuracy as a measurement of CO2 improvement.

You can find out more about the Masternaut program here.